One Stop ESD

ESD is an acronym used for the term “electrostatic discharge”. This is the action by which a person will create static by moving, and then touch another object to release the discharge.

Depending on the sensitivity level of the electronics you are working with, even something as small as 10 volts of static can impact its integrity. Which means static could be damaged your equipments without ever seeing or feeling any kind of shock. That’s where ESD flooring products come in.

ESD flooring is created from a combination of materials, including carbon fibers that transfer the electrostatic charge from a person to the flooring. Thus, reducing the chance of someone creating a static discharge through physical contact. These floors come in a number of styles, including carpet, vinyl, and rubber. Choosing an ESD floor for your flooring can be both beneficial for your employees as they work, and the quality of your electronic equipment. We provide our customers with an epoxy-free flooring solution that surpasses other flooring system.

Whether, you are in need of ESD solution or other static control flooring options, FOREFRONT will cover all of your requirements. Not to mention, our system will meet all of your requirements faster than any others.